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On May 17, 2022, the Methodist Church at 319 La Reine Avenue was designated

one of the State’s 10 most endangered historic sites by Preservation New Jersey.

“The 10 Most Endangered Historic Places program spotlights irreplaceable historic,

architectural, cultural, and archeological resources in New Jersey that are in imminent

danger of being lost.” (

The church was built in 1900 on land donated for that purpose by the Ocean

Grove Camp Meeting Association. Members of the Bradley Beach Methodist Episcopal

Church raised funds for the building when they realized that their numbers had

outgrown the “little church in the woods” which had been purchased and moved to the

site from Asbury Park with the help of James Bradley, then Mayor of Asbury Park. The

present structure designed by architect, William C. Cottrell, encompasses ample flexible

spaces, with light flooding in through soaring stained-glass windows, and beautifully

crafted hard-wood pine throughout. These are materials and workmanship that are no

longer available in our present day. The building is located just a block or two from the

actual geographical center of town.

In early 2020, the building was purchased by the town of Bradley Beach with a

view to creating a community center. However, there is also support for the sale of the

property for demolition and development. The issue will likely be decided by survey and

referendum in this fall.

Saving this precious resource for present and future generations will require a

ground swell of community support. Please help us promote the preservation of this

historic treasure for use as an inspiring community and cultural center where citizens of

all ages will gather, learn, play, and grow together! 

An anonymous and generous trustee will match all future donations up $5,000 in total from now until July 4th.

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